Updated Food & Beverage Hoses from Parker

Parker’s PURE™ food grade hoses enable a clean and safe transfer of a wide variety of foods, beverages, sanitary materials, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. All PURE™ food grade hose and food grade tubes meet government and industry standards to and the hoses are suitable for a variety of markets. They also offer full suction capability and kink resistance to extend their usability and enhanced cover options for convenient and uncomplicated cleaning.


To summarize the PURE lineup, there are seven new hose designs, incorporating a good/better/best (GBB) product positioning.  The GBB involves a variation of the hose cover, surface finish and hose abrasion performance for each of the seven designs.  Price points reflect the positioning.  Also the part number system chosen relates all of the product together and is a significant improvement.  The “good” of (GBB) is a “standard cover”, the hose part number will have no suffix in this case, the “better” of GBB is a “Pro” cover and is denoted with a “P” suffix, finally the “best” of the GBB is  “Pro Plus” cover and is denoted with a “PL” suffix on the hose part number.  The table below illustrates the variations.



PURE Hose Brochure


Parker Hose Products Division will have inventory available for its new line of PURE branded food and beverage hoses beginning April 2021. Contact us for more information!




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