Triad Technologies is now a Pizzato Distributor

Pizzato USA is a leading manufacturer of position switches, safety devices, and electrical controls. They offer advanced solutions to maximize safety in the workplace and maintain the highest machinery safety standards.



  • Position switches
  • Control and signaling devices
  • Emergency stops
  • RFID sensors
  • Elevator devices
  • Microswitches
  • Foot switches
  • Lift devices


Product Highlight: P-KUBE Safety Handles

Pizzato’s P-KUBE Safety Handles combines the characteristics of a robust handle for safety enclosures, with an ergonomic, rounded grip and customizable functions for the customer, with various illuminated signalling options, to reflect the state of the guard, or other operating conditions.






Learn more about all the products Pizzato offers – visit their website or email us for more information: info@triadtechnologies.




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