Triad/Enerpac Rental Program

We’re exited to introduce a new equipment rental program offered through Triad Technologies and Enerpac. With this rental program you can choose from Enerpac’s extensive product line, making renting an option for more projects than ever! All products come with Enerpac’s Ready-for-Use Warranty*.


What products can you rent from us?

  • Bolting tools
  • Portable machine tools
  • Weld testing tools
  • Flange maintenance tools
  • Cylinders and jacks
  • Pumps
  • Tools
  • Pullers

What are the benefits to renting?

  • You only pay when you actually need the equipment
  • No capital investment needed
  • Renting provides the convenience factor of on-site delivery, which saves you money and time
  • Equipment is reliable and well maintained
  • Service and maintenance costs are eliminated
  • Opportunity to try a product/technology before making buying decision
  • Rental equipment features the latest technology
  • Get exactly what you need rather than trying to “make do” with something else
  • Low fleet management cost – minimum inventory needed
  • No long-term storage fees are required
  • No need to account for depreciation
  • Eliminate the costs and time associated with trying to sell or dispose of old or unused equipment


Ready to rent? Contact us to request a quote.

*Read the terms and conditions for the ready-for-use warranty here




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