The Best Level Detection Solution for Every Application

We have a solution for every level application need including single point, multi-point, analog level, and visual display. With detection technologies that range from magnetic single point to ultrasonic, sonar and frequency sweep for level transmission, we can help with your level detection needs.


For continuous measurement in solids & liquids:

SICK – SicWave LBR (solids) & LFR (liquids)

The SicWave product is an 80GHz radar sensor that comes in two variations. LBR for bulk materials and up to 120 meter range with a process temperature range of -40 to 200⁰C and LFR for liquids with up to a 30 meter range and process temperature range of -196 to 200⁰C. Both products can be ordered with or without a display and with options on the process connection.


For measuring both fluid level and temperature:

Parker – SensoControl

Parker’s SensoControl level/temperature controllers provide a single instrument solution for monitoring two vital system parameters – fluid level and temperature. The color-coded displays allow you to easily identify tank and temperature measurements. This simple, robust solution is programmable, aiding in the regulation of critical operating parameters for fluid systems.


For remote tank measurement

Gems – Float Multi-Point Level Switches

Gems custom-length multi-point level switches are ideal for monitoring multiple liquid level points within a single tank or for monitoring two or more liquids in a tank. They are available in engineered plastic or metal alloy, a broad range of mounting options and float materials and can be configured with 2 – 7 independent switch actuation levels.



For continuous indication of liquid level in storage tanks & vessels where visual indication at the tank is required:

Gems – Visual Indication

SureSite® Visual Liquid Indicators are a highly durable and safe alternative to sight glasses. With high visibility flags, SureSite® indicators can be read at great distances and with the LED option, can be read in completely dark environments. Available in stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, Hastelloy, or other exotic housings, these devices provide years of maintenance free service. SureSite® indicators operate in temperatures up to 750°F (399°C), pressure to 4200 psi (290 bar) and are unaffected by extreme thermal changes.


For universal level measurement for all media:

Baumer CleverLevel

Point level detection based on frequency sweep technology with models available for a wide range of applications including mobile equipment, general industrial, ATEX and FDA. Easy and universal point level detection regardless of the medium: liquid, pasty, viscid or solid. Intelligent media detection without parameterization with adaptive trigger and it distinguishes foam and liquid, detects separating layers.


For silos and large containers:

Rechner – Silo Sensor

The i-Level Sensor with metal cable is the solution to level control of containers of all sizes. This technology can be used for tanks ranging from large 20 meter silos down to small containers only a few inches tall. Using their patented 3-electrode technology, Rechner sensors can measure the entire amount of material that is inside of the container – there are no dead zones. The sensor is immune to material build, temperature changes, and dust interference.



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