Solutions for Success: Ergonomic Lift Tables

Challenge: An equipment manufacturer for the automotive industry came to Triad with a problem. Their employees were retrieving manufactured components from production and placing them onto a mobile racking system. The rack had four levels, and many of them required employees to extend their reach above their heads. Due to the weight and bulkiness of the products, employees suffered numerous injuries.


Solution: We proposed an ergonomic lift table. Powered by an electromechanical actuator, this system allows the table to do the lifting while giving them full control over the acceleration and deceleration. There is a “home” position/height in which the product is brought onto the lift table. This design utilizes ball screw actuators with a single servo motor that controls the height of the table. Push buttons on the front of each table correspond with each height. The varying heights are programmable via a custom built touch screen.


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