SMAC: Moving Coil Actuators

SMAC is a unique manufacturer of linear actuators based on moving coil technology. What makes the SMAC product unique is the ability to program force, position and speed. The SMAC electric actuators are designed to perform at exceptionally high speeds or very low speeds and with sub-micron accuracy and repeatability.



What applications are they best suited for?

  1. Any application requiring linear (and rotary) motion at very high speeds. For example: capping and thread checking.
  2. Applications that require extremely high cycle rates. For packaging, SMAC electric actuators can reject or divert a single container only, at line speeds over 1200 containers/minute.
  3. Applications requiring very high accuracy and/or repeatability. For example: gauging and measuring.
  4. Applications requiring force control. For example: leak check with the soft land technology.
  5. Applications requiring very long life. The SMAC linear units have extremely long life cycles due to oversized linear guides.


In many cases, the SMAC unit can be a more cost-effective option compared to a standard pneumatic cylinder. Email us for more information:





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