Simplified Flange Maintenance with Enerpac’s Equalizer™ Tools

With Enerpac’s recent acquisition of Equalizer International, we now carry the Equalizer™ range of products including tools for flange alignment, spreading and pulling applications.





Equalizer Product Breakdown: 



Flange Spreading Solutions

The flange spreading tools have been developed to aid and simplify the maintenance of flange joints. These spreaders use mechanical and hydraulic principles for spreading flanges and can spread small, medium or large flange joints.


Flange Alignment Solutions

The Equalizer alignment tools address the rotational or lateral misalignment that can occur within flange joints. Compared with traditional, manual approaches, the Equalizer tools offer a much safer, quicker and effective means of realigning flanges


Flange Pulling Solutions

The Equalizer Flange Closing Tool has been developed to pull flanges together during installation or maintenance. The FC10TE can be used on any flange with a bolt hole diameter of 22mm (7/8″) or greater. The Equalizer FC10TE can pull flanges from a distance of 600.0mm (23.62″) down to 0.0mm (0.00″)


Hydraulic Hand-Pumps

Equalizer hand-pumps have been designed with a sealed oil reservoir, which allows the pumps to be used in any orientation without the risk of oil or air contamination. The pumps can be used to operate any 700bar (10,000psi) rated hydraulic equipment in most environments.


Valve Change-Out Tool Sets

The Valve Change-Out tool sets assist in the removal of wafer/butterfly valves, spades/spacers or gaskets from large flange joints. The sets include both a spreader, hand pump and the necessary accessories.




Equalizer tools have been used globally to resolve hundreds of technically challenging flange-joint applications. For more info on how these products can work for you, email us at




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