Product Spotlight: Weidmüller U-Remote

The Weidmüller U-Remote product is a premium remote I/O system for PLC’s. Both IP20 and IP67 rated devices are offered for enclosed and open field installations.




Some of the key benefits of the U-Remote product include:


Smart Support: Thanks to the printed QR code, you can access installation instructions and technical data online. The direct link takes you to all the key information about the scanned component.


Respond faster thanks to integrated diagnostics: The integrated u-remote web server enables start-up in sections even before machinery is commissioned. Shorten production down times by making use of unique fast error identification with plain-text diagnostics.


Immediately identify errors: Error diagnosis has never been so easy. You can localize errors instantly with an LED directly on the channel and status indicators on every module. An indispensable benefit for secure commissioning and rapid system maintenance.


Integrated safety for both people and machines: With u-remote, you can implement both distributed as well as discrete safety solutions into your I/O system.

  • Simplified and cost-efficient engineering of safety systems thanks to just a few safety components needed
  • Less space requirements
  • Accelerated machine re-start after emergency stops



For a technical overview of the product and its benefits, check out this video.






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