Parker Push-to-Connect Fittings

Pneumatic automation fittings work in applications ranging from food packaging and life sciences to petrochemicals and factory automation. With the right connections, OEMs can reduce component quantity, decrease energy consumption, save on assembly time, eliminate leaks and lower product costs. Parker fittings can help you optimize the use of your equipment.


Featured Products



Prestolok Composite PLP
D-seal provides excellent performance in vacuum applications. Available in a wide range of configurations.


Prestolok PLP Brass
Economical metal option suited for temperatures up to 200° F. Fluorocarbon and EPDM available upon request.


Prestolok PLM Metal
An economical alternative to stainless steel featuring an electroless nickel plated body resistant to chemicals and welding sparks.



Custom Solutions

Parker offers custom solutions to help you achieve your objectives in the most cost effective way.

  • Vibra-Seal, white thread sealant, and nickel-plating options available for all Industrial Brass fittings
  • Custom machined brass parts can be created for your specific application



Learn more about Parker’s Push-to-Connect fittings; download the bulletin here.






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