Linear Guideways from HIWIN

HIWIN is a global leader in high quality motion and control technologies. Their industry position, product quality, competitive pricing, and quick lead times makes HIWIN the best brand for motion products used across many industries.


Linear Guideways

Linear Guideways are a precise linear motion mechanical guidance and load bearing component that utilizes rolling elements in the form of a ball or roller bearings between a mounting block and rail. The rolling friction of linear guideways allows for very heavy loads to be moved efficiently, smoothly and with great positional accuracy.

  • The guideway assembly is designed to provide rigidity — handling any bending movements caused by offset loading.
  • HIWIN offers a wide variety of guideway styles and sizing — meeting the needs of a wide variety of applications.
  • HIWIN’s Linear Guideways offer industry standard dimensions and mounting interfaces — replacing other manufacturer guideways without the need for any design or fixturing changes.


We are proud to be partnered with HIWIN to both maintain stock and cut their linear guideways at our facility in Vandalia, OH.


Rails in-stock at Triad include:

  • HGR20
  • HGR45
  • HGR25
  • RGR35
  • HGR30
  • EGR15
  • HGR15
  • HGR35
  • EGR25
  • HGR20T
  • EGR20


By stocking and cutting guideways locally, we can offer guideways cut to custom length with only a 1-2 day delivery with expediting available.


Click here for detailed information about each of HIWIN’s guideways series, or click here to contact us for design assistance, to request a quote, or if you are interested in reviewing HIWIN crossover of a competitor.




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