Introducing Parker Design Architect

Parker is making t-slot aluminum framing design easier than ever with software that allows you to take more creative control over your assembly designs. Whether in the office or at home, users can work on their projects anywhere and quickly edit projects for easy updates. The user interface contains the functions necessary to create very clean 3D models. Not only that, but it shortens the time to quote; simply build your design in Design Architect and send to us for a quote.


Design Architect Software Features

  • Builds a 3D rendering using standard IPS components
  • Fasteners are automatically placed
  • Choose from inch or metric profiles & accessories via connection points
  • Dynamic BOM is updated on the fly
  • Completely stand alone
  • Exports native 3D CAD files


Learn more about Design Architect in this introductory video.

And if you’re ready to get started, click here to download your FREE software copy.


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