How Triad uses SensoNODE Sensors to Monitor Server Room


An important job for Triad’s IT department is making sure the servers operate at peak performance. Temperatures in the server room must be kept within a targeted range, as any anomalies may lead to unnecessary downtime, increased maintenance costs, and disrupted production.  Monitoring the temperature is a manual process and is nearly impossible to track outside of normal business hours.



We installed a wireless SensoNODE Gold temperature sensor to monitor the temperatures. The sensor monitors the server room’s temperature and transmits the data to the cloud using Parker’s Voice of the Machine software to record readings.  It allows the IT department to receive user defined alert notifications when a fluctuation occurs.  The data from the sensor can be accessed from any device that has an internet browser and internet connection.



During the summer, the air conditioning unit in the server room stopped cooling. The IT department received alert notifications that the temperature was out of their predefined range, which prompted them to contact a heating and cooling technician to service the AC unit.  It was determined the AC unit was bad and was replaced.  If it had not been for IT receiving the alerts, the server room temperature very likely would have gone unnoticed and the increasing temperatures would have caused the servers to overheat, halting processes for our organization and costing Triad money. Parker’s SensoNODE Gold and Voice of the Machine saved Triad’s servers which also saved downtime and money.


Between our industry expertise and Parker’s SensoNODE product line, we can support all of your sensing needs. Contact us today!







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