How Much Does a Hydraulic Leak Actually Cost?

It’s more than you think.


The monetary cost of a hydraulic leak can range anywhere between $100 to $6,000 annually.


Take a look:

  • 1 drop of oil every minute costs you 6.7 gallons/year or roughly $100
  • 1 drop of oil every 10 seconds costs you 40 gallons/year or $600
  • 1 drop every 5 seconds costs you 80 gallons/year or $1,200
  • And 1 drop every second costs 402 gallons/year or over $6,000


Other costs include: safety, maintenance, environmental responsibility, and energy loss. Not only that, but when oil leaks out, contaminants and air can leak in. Particle contamination can accelerate wear to costly hydraulic components, and air inclusion can also cause cavitation in your hydraulic system.


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