HIWIN Ballscrews

Ballscrews from HIWIN

HIWIN Corporation is a global manufacturer of motion control components and systems. They provide a wide range of ballscrew configurations to fit your specifications and requirements.


Ballscrews are a high-load, high-efficiency, and high-precision linear motion mechanical drive technology capable of moderate speed.

  • They are the typical drive component of choice in applications looking to use a compact, clean and efficient electro-mechanical assembly.
  • HIWIN can offer the industry’s highest quality while maintaining very competitive pricing.
  • They are manufactured through the process of precision grinding — allowing them to provide the solution that perfectly fits their customers’ needs.


Ballscrew assemblies can be shipped complete with support in 2-10 business days


HIWIN stocks a large variety of full-length ballscrews at their U.S. headquarters in Chicago, enabling them to cut to length, and perform custom end machining


Click here for a full list of stocked units


Please contact us here for design assistance, faster deliveries, or if you are interested in reviewing their crossover of a competitor.

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